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Company Profile

Ningbo Shuangchen Machinery Co., Ltd. is an integrated industry and trade enterprise that processes OEM non-standard precision parts. There are 2 branch factories under the umbrella and both have passed the ISO9001 quality system and passed the national environmental impact assessment (EIA, that is, Environmental Impact Assessment). We have a rich R&amp;D team and production team from theory to actual production, as well as a strict quality management team. Our products are exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, Germany, Denmark, France and other countries, and have been well received by customers. We mainly provide customers with complete solutions and help customers process the precision parts they need.
Ningbo Shuangchen Machinery Co., Ltd. currently has two factories with a total area of ...
  • 3+

    Many subsidiaries

  • 1200㎡

    Factory area

  • 8+

    Products are exported to many countries

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